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Party Poker Bonus Code

September 6th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

September 2011

For the month of September PartyPoker is offering a sign-up bonus of up to $500 at 100%. The bonus works for your initial cash deposit and is only accepted if you use the Bonus Code 500PS. After completing all the initial set-up steps is when you really start to make your money. PartyPoints are what you need to collect in order to clear your bonus and these can be earned when playing in cash games and when signing up for/playing in tournaments. To be able to redeem your bonus you will need to earn anywhere from 6 to 9 times your bonus in PartyPoints. Your bonus, once cleared, will begin to show up into your account in installments and the bonus lasts for 60 days.

Boost Your Bankroll

Party Poker is giving you the chance to earn an extra $5,000 for free. Every Sunday at 2:30 PM ET there will be a PartyPoker $5,000 Bankroll Booster. To qualify for the weekly final, players can choose on of three ways.

Players can qualify through daily qualifiers which are held each day at 1:45 PM ET and 7:45 PM ET. Daily qualifiers are strictly for new PartyPoker players. For members that have been on the site for a while qualifying is as simple as earning 5 PartyPoints. Another way for existing players to qualify are One-Point Daily Qualifiers. Obviously these will cost you one PartyPoint to buy into and they will be held every day at 9:45 AM ET, 2:45PM ET, and 8:45 PM ET. From the One-Point qualifiers the top 25 will move on to the Bankroll Booster.

Throughout September PartyPoker is giving its players the chance to win a whole lot of free money. To find out more about these promotions, visit

Let PartyPoker Send YOU to Oktoberfest

August 10th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Trip to Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Starting on August 12th, PartyPoker will be offering a newe promotion that will give 16 lucky winners the opportunity to travel to Germany to party at Oktoberfest. The prize package includes a 2 night stay for two guests at the Le Meridian hotel in Munich with breakfast included. Dinner and beverages will be provided by the Hippodrom Oktoberfest tent for one night and on the other night you will be treated to dinner and poker at the Olympic Tower restaurant. Also included will be VIP admittance at the P1 nightclub where drinks will also be provided. There will be plenty to do during the day as well as transportation. The cherry on top of the cake is the fact that you will also be given $600 spending money. The only downside is that travel to and from Munich is at the expense of the winners, but hey, that’s what the spending money is for!

How To Win

Winning is quite simple, starting at the stroke of midnight on August 12th the race begins. The goal is to earn as many PartyPoker points as you can at real money tables between the start of the promotion and August 21st. The top 7 winners at the end of the race will be awarded the grand prize trip to Germany. But the prizes do not stop there, people who place from 8th to 25th in the points race will receive $250, 26th place through 75th will win $100 and places 76th through 400 will earn a place in the VIP Oktoberfest and Super Gadget Freeroll.

Immediately following the conclusion of the first race, there will then be a second race which will pan out exactly like the first with the prizes and ways to win being identical. The second race ends on August 31st.

On September 4th at 2pm Eastern Time there will be a VIP Oktoberfest and Super Gadget Freeroll in which the top two places earn the remaining two trips to Germany. Among other prizes included are a multitude of Apple products ranging from Iphones, to Ipads, and even Ipod Touches. The chances of winning in this promotion are pretty good and it gives you the hope that even if you do not win the trip to Germany, at least you will not be walking away empty-handed.

Like most PartyPoker promotions players must go to their account and opt-in in order to be eligible. This is an important bit of information to keep in mind.

Party Poker Promotions

July 5th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Summer Million

On August 7th Party Poker will be holding a tournament with winnings being a guaranteed 1 million dollars. And what makes this tournament so great is that you can qualify for as little as $1. There are other buy-ins and other buy-in amounts as well. For the full tournament information click here.

World Domination

This promotion offered by Party Poker rewards the player who can take over the world. Throughout the tournament there will be free roll seats, cash payouts, and the grand prize of $100,000 which everyone will be striving for.

Playing the game is quite simple. All you have to do is collect 10 PartyPoints and you will be randomely given one city out of the 72 cities that are up for grabs. And as an additional reason to get you to start playing, Party Poker will give you your first city for just 5 PartyPoints. Some, in fact most, cities have free roll seats and other cash prizes that come along with them. And you can win even bigger money and rewards once you conquer whole countries and continents. And if you collect all 72 cities you will be awarded the grand prize of $100,000.

A player can earn up to 100 cities in any given day. The promotion starts on July 8th and ends on August 31st. For full tournament rules, terms, and conditions click here.

No More Tournament Fees At Party Poker

July 4th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Unexpected Change

Party Poker is one of those sites that has been in the online poker industry for as long as most of us can remember. It is a great site and in my opinion is a bit underrated. But to make them look even better, they recently announced that they would be doing away with all fees for multi-table tournaments.

The reason that this move comes as being so unexpected is because Party Poker earns a lot of their money from the entry fee that comes with tournaments. But the hope is that this promotion will bring players in to the site and keep them there after it has ended. It is a sign of a poker site who is on the move upwards, trying to become the poker room giant that it once was.

Party Poker ranked third in the industry as far as cash games go last year. So it is safe to say that they are not in dire straights and are most definitely not desperate for players, and with the pending collapse of Full Tilt, Party Poker will have the second highest cash game traffic behind only PokerStars. They are quite a ways behind PokerStars though. To put it in perspective, Party Poker averages about 4000 cash players every seven days, in that same amount of time, PokerStars brings in about 21,000 people. Party Poker has a long way until it is on the level of PokerStars, but promotions like this are going to help increase their traffic.

Win A VIP Trip to the German Grand Prix with Party Poker

June 8th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

How It Works

In an unprecedented, but definitely appreciated way, Party Poker announced yet another promotion in lue of the GSOP. There is a chance for 10 players to win a VIP trip to the Formula One German Grand Prix located in Nurburgring, Germany in July.

The way you win is pretty simple, the more you play the better your chances. This package is going to be won by the most frequent and loyal players on Party Poker. Entry is based on a points system determined by Party Poker. After the qualifying period is over, the first 8 players from the 150 players who had the most points will automatically win the prize package. The two remaining spots will be decided by a tournament made up of the 142 other players. Qualifying begins on June 10th and ends on June 26th.

Prize Package

The prize package is made up of a two night stay in one of Cologne’s best hotels, tickets for the Grand Prix’s qualifying on Saturday and tickets for the race on Sunday, transportation to the track and back to your hotel, $850 in spending cash, and finally you will be entered into a poker tournament on Saturday night at the hotel and a chance to meet Sky Sports’ Marc Surer.

No need to worry if you are not in the top 10 because all 150 players will be rewarded because there is $25,000 worth of additional prizes to be given away. Players from 9th-50th will receive a cash reward and the other 100 spots will be given store points to Party Poker’s online store. Good Luck to everyone.

Party Poker Takes You to Old Trafford

June 8th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Grand Series of Poker

Party Poker’s newest promotion gives you a shot to win a prize package worth about $3,600. But this is not just any prize package, it is a prize package to Manchester, England, and more specifically, soccer club Manchester United’s home field Old Trafford. You can qualify through daily freerolls or $1 satellites.

The way the tournament works is a little like this:

There are daily freerolls and the top 20 each day are entered into a $1 Sub Qualifier Rebuy. There is more than one type of sub qualifier, 2 actually, they are the $1 Rebuy and $3 Speed Event. Depending on how many players there are in each sub qualifier there will be one place offered from each into the GSOP $28 Daily Qualifier. There are two GSOP $28 Daily Qualifiers every day. Through that, one in 10 players will be given access to the Main Satellite that will be held on a Sunday evening. The Main Satellite will award 1 out of 15 people the grand prize of being able to play poker at Old Trafford. Players can buy-in at any stage of the tournament, but there are so many great chances to get in this tournament for almost no money at all.

Prize Package

The main thing that is probably on everyone’s mind is, what is in the $3,600 prize package? Well the package includes your buy-in to the poker tournament valued at $1,650, it also includes $700 spending cash, five nights in one of Manchester’s best hotels, a tour of the stadium, and an invitation to a welcome party.

This is a great promotion that offers you a chance to make the trip of a lifetime. It is especially significant if you are a fan of soccer and even more specifically, a fan of Manchester United who made it to the finals of Europe’s most prestigious club soccer tournament.  Do not miss your chance to win, visit Party Poker today!

Reasons Behind the US Seizing of Poker Sites

April 26th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Long Time Coming

For a long time, the status of online poker has been a confusing and heavily debated subject. State and Federal governments have tried to come to terms with online poker but have not done a good job.

After the government has seized four of the biggest names in online poker, Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, and PokerStars alot of different opinions are beginning to form. In addition to the seizure of the aforementioned sites’ domains the US goverment is also indicting 11 executives that are affiliated with the sites.


A lot of folks think that the government making this move is actually a preparation for a total move-in of land based casinos. Of course this is just speculation and there is not much evidence to back it up at this point, but this particular hypothesis does not seem too unbelievable.

It is also a known fact that the online poker industry in the US, prior to the seizures, was generating billions of dollars in revenue and none of that money was going to the government. By taking the online poker industry away and making moves to have regulated online poker and other online gaming in the US, the government seems to be wanting to get in on all this money. Before the seizure of the sites, all of these companies were based outside of the United States which therefore left no taxation money available for the government.

Latest Events

The most recent events in the aftermath of “Black Friday” are that the US Department of Justice is returning the seized domains. The only catch to that is that the sites (Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, and PokerStars) have to agree to no longer accept players from the United States. And this denial of access for US players raises even more problems, because now players that were on the site before the government stepped in are currently unable to access a lot of their funds that were on their site accounts.

This is all just an extremely unfortunate situation. There are millions of people in the US that relied heavily on these four sites to either make a living or add supplemental income. Now these people are left in the cold and have to search elsewhere to continue to make money. Luckily for these players, there still are sites that offer their services to US players. These sites are Sportsbook, PlayersOnly, Bodog, Party Poker, Lock Poker, and Carbon Poker.

Week In Review

April 11th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

PokerStars Game of Your Life

During the months of April and May PokerStars will be offering a free tournament where the prize is front row seats to a sporting event of your choice. Additionally you are able to bring as many friends as you would like and all expenses are paid, the worth of the trip is estimated at over $100,00. Throughout qualification there will be over $1,000,000 in free rolls every week. If you use a reload or first deposit bonus in the PokerStars Game of Your Life competition you will automatically be credited with a spot in any free roll final including the grand final on May 22nd. The winner on May 22nd will receive the grand prize trip.

Party Poker Card Rush

Party Poker is offering a competition called Card Rush that is running from April 1st through the 30th or until 1.8 million cards have been given out. To get a card in the game it costs just 15 points on PokerStars. Each card has a cash reqard ranging from $1-$5000. Whoever is on the top of the leaderboard when the game is over will receive a cash payout of $9000, all the way down the rest of the leaderboard there are diminishing cash payouts as well. Along with the competition, Party Poker is offering your first Card Rush card for only 5 points as opposed to 15. You are limited to 50 cards every day of the tournament or until 1.8 million cards have been given away.

ChiliPoker adding Social Network Theme is adding a widget to their website that will allow players to share their results and even challenge friends through their Twitter and Facebook accounts. ChiliPoker anticipates that with the success of this new addition to their site other sites will also add social networking features. The application is run by 4 widgets: share, connect, challenge, and swap. Share will allow you to post results from recent games directly on your Twitter or Facebook account. The challenge widget allows up to 6 people to place a wager on the same bet. Connecting mynneans you are able to see your friends recent results and also see if they are currently online. Finally, the swap widget allows you to exchange an allotment of your potential winnings with your friends that are also in the tournament with you.

Washington DC to Possibly Regulate Online Poker

The District of Columbia could be the first part of the US to have regulations on the play of Online Poker within the jurisdiction. If the bill is passed, DC will beat states like New Jersey, Iowa, Nevada, Florida, and California in the race to regulate online poker. Of course opposition does exist and the main fear is that Washington DC will become a new “mecca for gambling.” Websites who will enter the area will work alongside pre-existing lottery organizations.

Wynn and PokerStars to Team Up and Wynn resorts have released a plan for a in light of recent talks of possible regulated online poker play in the US. The two entities will work together to abide by the regulations that will be set up by proposed bills. Of course there are concerns about the possibilities of underage gambling but through the years, online poker has proved more effective at stopping underage gambling than land-based casinos. This plan, if enacted, may change the entire scope of online poker playing in America as we currently know it.

Party Poker Card Rush

April 6th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

How To Win at Party Poker Card Rush is offering an instant game called Card Rush starting on April 1st and ending on the 30th of April or until 1.8 million cards have been given away. To earn a Card Rush card you have to simply collect 15 points, every card you get contains a prize ranging from $1-$5000. In addition to the cash you have can receive, players may also win a spot into one of 7 freerolls valued anywhere from $2000-$20000. On top of all that, winners also receive regular points, these points range from 10-25000. Players who win a cash prize from $5 and up will be credited with Card Rush Race points ranging from 1-20. These Race points will help you rise up the prize leader board.

 Whoever is at the top of the leaderboard at the game’s end will receive a cash payout of $9000, 2nd place will receive $7000, 3rd place-$5250, 4th place-$4000, 5th place-$3500, 6th place-$3000, 7th place-$2500, 8th place-$2000, 9th place-$1500, 10th place-$1000. Beyond tenth place there is still cash prizes; places 11-18-$800, places 19-30-$700, places 31-45-$600, places 46-60-$500, places 61-75-$400, places 76-100-$300, places 101-125-$200, places 126-150-$150, places 151-200-$100. Every 20th spot from 220 through 2000 are called hot spots and those winners will receive $20.

As an additional promotion, Party Poker will give you your first Card Rush card for only 5 points. Players are allowed to collect 50 cards every day throughout the duration of the tournament but once 1.8 million cards are given out the games are ended. This is a game where everyone is guarenteed to win but with a limited amount of time and even more limited cards, you have to act fast.

Rules For Party Poker Card Rush

After the games have ended, players with unscratched cards will have 24 hours to scratch and claim their prize(s), after this 24 hour period all remaining cards will be forfeited. Like stated before you are able to collect 50 cards a day which translates into 750 points. Any additional points that are earned will be rolled over to the next day of play. For full terms and conditions visit their website.

Party Gaming Merger

Party Gaming, which owns Party Poker, completed a merger with Bwin and now they are the world’s largest gambling entity. This merger will enhance the online poker arena as the group attempts to enter the US market. This will give US players more options for online poker as the US is one of the most restricted nations as far as online gaming is concerned. Bwin was already one of the largest online game companies in the business, but clearly they are still growing.

Party Poker’s Million Dollar Hand in January 2011

January 1st, 2011 by Sarah Stewart

What a way to kick off a New Year but to promote a Million Dollar Hand. The promotion begins on January 5th, 2011 and runs until Sunday, January 30th, 2011. There are going to be two ways of winning in the million dollar hand promotion. One way is by getting paid the value for your five card hand and pay out based upon a schedule. The other way is through a points race. Party Poker is one of the largest online gaming businesses in the world and now with the recent merger with another gaming giant, Bwin, the resources that this new company is going to have to provide benefits, promotions and perks, is going to be absolutely and completely amazing.

How Do I Get My Share of the Million Dollar Hand?

In order to be able to participate in this million dollar hand promotion for January 2011, first of all you need to be a registered member. If you are not a member of Party Poker then we will give you some information on registration a little further below in this article. To play in the million dollar hand promotion you need to accrue Party Points. For every 15 Party Points that you earn you will get 1 million dollar promotional card. You need to get 5 of these cards to make up your poker hand. Some hands will get immediate cash prizes. Any player that makes a royal flush with his 5 cards will win $1 million. A straight flush is worth $10,000 while 4 of a kind is worth $1,000. A full house is going to get you $150, a flush for $100, a straight is good for $50 and three of a kind is worth $20.

New Player Promotion and Welcome Bonus

Party Poker has a new player promotion and welcome bonus. There are 3 different deposit amounts in this new player promotion. The amounts are $25 €25 £25, $50 €50 £50, and $100 €100 £100. You select which of these amounts you want for your first new player deposit promotion and welcome bonus. Whichever amount that you pick will be matched by Party Poker and put in to your bonus account. As you earn Party Points your new player deposit promotion and welcome bonus money will be credited to your cash account.

Party Poker to retain its own Brand as will Bwin

The recent merger between Party Poker and Bwin is going to be something very special for the gambling community. Two of the industry’s all ready top, gaming companies added together and you get what might just be the largest officially listed gaming businesses. Bwin will have 51.7 percent of the shares and Party Gaming will have 48.3 percent of the shares. Both companies have made the decision to retain their individual brands. The newly merged two companies will operate under one corporate identity and will be located in Gibralter. Bwin will maintain their offices in Austria.