Online Poker Bill Now Law in Nevada

June 20th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg


AB 258

It has been a while and after a lot of changes to the bill, it has finally been signed into law. This bill allows the Nevada Gaming Commission to create and establish regulations for online poker. The bill became a law thanks to Governor Brian Sandoval’s signature. Federal legislation will make Nevada the first state able to take on regulations for online poker. Another way that the state will be able to issue licenses is if the US Department of Justice decides that online gambling is able to move forward under the current law.

And for once it is beginning to look like federal legislation has a legitimate chance of being passed. Democrats and Republicans have both been expressing their support for online poker and before we know it, players in Nevada may be back online like they used to be before “Black Friday.” And as soon as Washington DC gives the green light for Nevada, casinos will be issued licenses and their sites will be up and running as fast as possible.

Although the signing of this bill into law is great news, it is not unexpected news. Almost everyone involved in drafting the bill, amending it, and signing it were sure that everything would go by swimmingly. From the start, most people knew and were confident that the bill would face little or no resistance from Governor Sandoval. This is obvious considering Nevada is an absolute mecca for gambling in the world and the capital of gambling in the US. It only makes sense that they would pass this bill into law.

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