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Week In Review

August 14th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Merge Coming Back

Some of the biggest news this week was overshadowed by the fact that the Merge gaming Network has announced its imminent return to the US market. Earlier in the summer the network announced that it would be pulling out of the United States market because of traffic volumes that caused delays in payment and because it would be in their best interest after all of the happenings surrounding Black Friday. With them they took some poker sites that were becoming quite popular in the dwindling US market, including Lock and Carbon poker.

But now, with most of the payout problems fixed and the Merge Network still facing no issues with the US government, it is a good time for them to burst back onto the scene. This means that players once again have somewhere to turn. Poker in the US may be on one of its last legs, but this turn of events should show everyone that it is most definitely not dead.

Bodog Leaving

Because a license agreement with Morris Mohawk gaming is set to expire, Bodog will take their services elsewhere. While this decision makes a lot of people angry, at the same time we have to understand that they are doing this in order to preserve themselves and not in spite of the US poker players who have supported them for a while now.

Moving out of the US not only opens them up to new opportunities, but it also keeps them out of our government’s line of fire. Because at this point no one really knows when the next government crack-down is going to occur. The company is moving to the UK where gambling, especially of the internet variety, is much more commonly accepted. We thank Bodog for their service and wish them the best in the UK, we will be patiently awaiting their return.

Moving Forward

In the next coming days and weeks we will keep all of our readers informed as to what exactly is going on with Merge. Their return date is not set in stone as of yet, but further details are expected to be released this week.

Merge Network to Allow US Sign-Ups

August 11th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Within A Week

Back in June the Merge network announced that it would be shutting its doors to new US sign-ups because of all the turmoil surrounding the poker industry in the US. But unlike major sites like PokerStars and Ultimate Bet, the Merge Network pulled out of the US by choice. Everyone involved in the situation had the original thought that this would only be a temporary move and it looks as if we were right.

Pulling out of the US came as a surprise because sites on the Merge Network were doing well in light of all the strife that other sites were facing. Unfortunately, the high traffic volume flowing to these sites created some very inconvenient delays in the payout process. And since there were payout delays of almost two weeks, the Merge Network decided it would not longer accept US players flocking to them from other sites. Now with the news of a reopening in the industry, we are hoping that payout delays no longer exist and that poker players will be satisfied.

Merge is not the biggest network around, but with the fallout of Black Friday they are being held as one of the best places to play in the US. It is reported as being the 10th biggest poker network on the internet today. Bodog is a close second to Merge with traffic volumes that are slightly smaller.

Merge plays host to great poker sites like Lock and Carbon Poker. We hope that within the week US players will be able to sign up and cash out on all Merge Network sites. In fact, Merge site started accepting players from the US again 2 days ago.

Merge Temporarily Disallowing New US Players

June 3rd, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

New Day, Same Story

This is a theme that many of us have learned to come and accept recently, another site not allowing US players to play poker. Merge Gaming decided that it is in its best interest to, starting today, not allow any new US players on to their site. Players who have registered as of yesterday and any other day before that will still be able to play just like they normally do. Of course players from outside the US will still be able to play normally as well.

Some of the sites that are on the Merge Network include: Lock Poker, Carbon Poker, RPM Poker, Hero Poker, Overbet Poker, Felt Stars, GR88 Poker, Poker Nordica, PDC Poker, and Iron Duke.

This comes shortly after the Merge Network ended rakeback on June 1st. Because of the rakeback ending, the Merge Network saw a large influx of players, they saw a good amount of players sign on to a variety of different sites.

Flying Under the Radar

With the recent influx of signups and the stellar 76% traffic increase since “Black Friday” has been giving the Merge Network a lot of attention recently. And in today’s online poker world in the US, attention may not be the best thing. But the real reason that Merge is ending new sign-ups is because all of this recent activity has backlogged payment processors. The temporary break in allowing new US players is simply to give Merge some time to get everything sorted out.

Reports say that new US players WILL be allowed to sign up at some point in the future, but Merge has yet to announce the date. To some, this is not that great of an excuse but most people believe that Merge is really trying to stay out of the line of fire of the US Department of Justice. And as it is obvious that this angers people, it really is a smart decision for Merge and will more than likely keep them out of trouble.

WSOP 2011

June 1st, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

42nd Annual

With everyone laying their focus on all of the activity regarding “Black Friday” some might have almost forgotten that the 2011 World Series of Poker started yesterday, May 31st. Thousands of people make their yearly journey to Las Vegas to either watch or participate. Most people think that, because of “Black Friday” the attendance will be down significantly his year but event organizers seem to disagree. With the events of “Black Friday”, many people were forced to stop playing poker all together and in turn might be driving more people to Las Vegas to play live games.

The Series will be held at the Rio Casino and will sport 380 poker tables to accomodate all of the gaming activity. There are a total of 58 bracelet events and poker games running 24 hours a day.

The Main Event starts on July 7th and nine finalists will have been determined by that time. But people have to wait until November until the Main Event tournament champion is decided. You can still register for events in the WSOP, the only requirement being that you register 2 weeks in advance. The tournament is a great atmosphere with the inter-mingling of pros and amateurs, and the constant action is like nothing you have ever seen before.

Rising Stars

Names like Full Tilt, PokerStars, and Absolute who used to be dominant in all areas of the game may need to take a back seat to some of the newer teams with their new signings. Lock Poker and their recent signings are going to look to make a major impact on the poker scene. It is still a question as to how players from PokerStars and Full Tilt are going to be received at the tournament after their sponsoring sites have let millions of people down.

This year is very different for a lot of reasons, and you can expect a few new stars to make a name for themselves in this year’s tournament. Lock Poker’s team is the one to watch out for, recent signings have made them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Bodog Moves From .com to .eu

June 1st, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

No Need to Fear

Recently, Bodog announced that it would be making the move from being known as to Of course as soon as anyone close to the online poker community hears this their first thoughts are that Bodog is the next site to vacate the US market. But this is not the case as Bodog reassured their American players that they will continue to play normally. The move to a .eu address was, according to them, a way to help them expand into new markets. With all the turmoil recently it is not too rash to think that they are making this move as a preventative type of thing.

Bodog is one of the most respected names left standing in the US market after the collapse of poker on “Black Friday.” If they were to leave the market, online poker would  suffer even more than it already has.

Poker Today

Currently, sites like Carbon Poker, Lock Poker, and Bodog are the three main names when it comes to playing online poker in the US. Before April 15th, those three names were PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker. Barely a month and a half later and the entire shape of online poker in the US has changed. Sites like Bodog and Carbon Poker, who used to be secondary sites, are now on the forefront of online poker in the US. Thanks to sites like them US players still have somewhere to go.

The sites are thankful too because they are seeing US player traffic like they never could have even imagined. It is literally an overnight success story for some of these smaller sites. You can see how well they are doing by the actions they are taking. For instance, Lock Poker has been signing pros out the wazoo in hopes that their pro team can make a lasting impact in the poker community, especially with the 2011 WSOP having just started yesterday.

Like always, bad news for some is good news for others, and for sites like Bodog, they have been hearing a lot of good news lately.

Merge Poker Pulls Out of More US States

June 1st, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Frustrating News

Merge Poker Network will no longer be offering their services to New York, Maryland, Louisiana, DC, and Missouri. This announcement came one day after the government of Mryland had seized poker rooms that belonged to Bookmaker and BetED. US players will still be allowed to sign up on the Merge Network and as long as you are not from restricted areas your current services will be running normally. It is clearly in their best interest to stay away from trouble spots in the US and this is what their most recent actions are all about.

The Merge Poker Network is one of the biggest remaining in the US and plays host to popular sites like Carbon Poker and Lock Poker.

Other Announcements

In addition to Merge being pulled out of the aforementioned states, it will be limiting its services to cash players from France. BlackChip Poker will no longer be offering services to players from France.

All credit is due to Merge, who, throughout all of the turmoil has worked incredibly hard to continue offering cash services to US players. They, unlike many other sites and networks, have stayed ahead of the government and have kept themselves out of trouble. Everyone who continues to play on the Merge Network is hoping that they continue to stay out of trouble as there are not many other places for players to turn to.

Week In Review

May 22nd, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

DC Rally

This upcoming Tuesday, the Poker Players Alliance will be holding a rally outside of the US Capitol building. The rally is being held to promote the legalization and regulation of online poker at a federal level. This is directly related to the events of “Black Friday.” The organizers encourage you to set up your own meetings with government officials and offer directions on how to schedule here.

Organizers hope to see a large turn out and are especially hopeful that some members of Congress, who are sympathetic to the cause, will make appearances throughout the day.

Merge Network Leaves New York, Ends Rakeback

In order to better “follow the rules” the Merge Gaming Network has announced that it will no longer be accepting players from New York state. The Merge Network is home to many poker sites, most notably Carbon Poker and Lock Poker. New York is one of the few states that has laws against the play of online poker and Merge is hoping that this move will improve their standing with the government and hopefully help them avoid any future trouble.

In other news regarding Merge, they will be ending rakeback starting June 1st. This is being done alongside a lot of other changes that their sites will be going through. If you are already signed up and playing, you will lock in those rakeback rates (which are some of the best around), but if you sign up on or after the 1st of June you will not. This fact means that the best time to sign up and play on the Merge Network is right now.

Looking Forward

As always, when one week ends, another begins. And with the start of the new week brings a lot of mixed emotions amongst the poker community. As always we hope to hear more and more (hopefully positive) news about the refunding of players. Full Tilt, UB, and Absolute still remain on the starting block while PokerStars has been hard at work for some time now. The break through has to be right around the corner.

With the revamp of many sites, keep your eyes peeled for new promotions and other deals. Recently, Titan Poker, released a promotion that gives players the opportunity to play in the 2011 WSOP. For full promotion details and other info, simply visit Titan Poker.

Merge Network Eliminates Service to New York

May 19th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Conscientious Decision

The Merge Gaming Network  is the operator of poker sites like: Carbon Poker, Lock Poker, Poker Host, Bluff Room, Play Aces, Hero Poker, Maximum Poker, All Pro, and Felt Stars. A recent announcement revealed the decision that the network has made to stop offering its services to players from New York state. Players that have accounts on the site already will still be able to play and deposit money as they normally would, but no new players from the state will be allowed.

This change is strictly for New York, which is known for cracking down on certain legal issues concerning online poker, and will not have any bearing on any other part of the United States.

It is a smart decision, and really a decision that Merge had to make, because New York is in the minority of states that have laws restricting online poker. It is also a known fact that New York is probably the fastest out of all the states to punish crimes such as money laundering. Of course this comes as a major disappointment to those residing in New York state, but it is just another one of those things that Merge has to do in order to protect itself.

Public Image

A driving force behind this decision is that, if they do away with poker in New York (a state that is pretty much against online poker as of now) they will look good in the eyes of the Government. They are trying to say “hey we follow the rules” to the government.

For current players this is not news at all, games will be running normally and your day to day play on any of Merge’s sites will remain unaffected. Promotions will keep on flowing and the incredibly great rakeback deals will still be going, until June 1st that is.

There are still sites open to players from New York, but some begin to wonder if the Merge Network has just started a trend. Only time will tell.

Reasons Behind the US Seizing of Poker Sites

April 26th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Long Time Coming

For a long time, the status of online poker has been a confusing and heavily debated subject. State and Federal governments have tried to come to terms with online poker but have not done a good job.

After the government has seized four of the biggest names in online poker, Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, and PokerStars alot of different opinions are beginning to form. In addition to the seizure of the aforementioned sites’ domains the US goverment is also indicting 11 executives that are affiliated with the sites.


A lot of folks think that the government making this move is actually a preparation for a total move-in of land based casinos. Of course this is just speculation and there is not much evidence to back it up at this point, but this particular hypothesis does not seem too unbelievable.

It is also a known fact that the online poker industry in the US, prior to the seizures, was generating billions of dollars in revenue and none of that money was going to the government. By taking the online poker industry away and making moves to have regulated online poker and other online gaming in the US, the government seems to be wanting to get in on all this money. Before the seizure of the sites, all of these companies were based outside of the United States which therefore left no taxation money available for the government.

Latest Events

The most recent events in the aftermath of “Black Friday” are that the US Department of Justice is returning the seized domains. The only catch to that is that the sites (Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, and PokerStars) have to agree to no longer accept players from the United States. And this denial of access for US players raises even more problems, because now players that were on the site before the government stepped in are currently unable to access a lot of their funds that were on their site accounts.

This is all just an extremely unfortunate situation. There are millions of people in the US that relied heavily on these four sites to either make a living or add supplemental income. Now these people are left in the cold and have to search elsewhere to continue to make money. Luckily for these players, there still are sites that offer their services to US players. These sites are Sportsbook, PlayersOnly, Bodog, Party Poker, Lock Poker, and Carbon Poker.

Carbon Poker Offers Drag the Bar Free Training

April 21st, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg


Because Carbon Poker is one of the few sites left still offering their services to US players, they decided to team up with Drag the Bar to offer their players online poker training. All players have to do to receive the training is rake $1 on Carbon Poker’s site. After the rake you will then be granted access to Drag the Bar for one month for free. Drag the Bar is one of the leaders in online poker strategy and its site is full of thousands of videos and articles to make you an even better player. The $1 rake is really all you have to do to be granted access to Drag the Bar, it is a simple and undoubtedly helpful way to become a better poker player.

Drag the Bar

For those that are unfamiliar with Drag the Bar it is a site that features 30 of the very best online poker players around. These players offer their ideas, theories, and tools that they use to be the best. Hunter Bick, the leading coach at Drag the Bar, is assisted by well known player author Dusty Schmidt and Owen Gaines. The three combine to make and distribute the best strategy on No Limit Hold’em.

James Davis and “IggyMcfly” are the two leading site coaches on Pot Limit Omaha. Heading the Limit Hold’em coaching is Paul Hoppe, and Gareth Allen. There are other coaches too but these specialists relay their experience with Drag the Bar members and after playing millions of hands, their word is worth listening to. No matter what type of poker player you are there are thousands of videos to help you harness your skills and improve on them. Among the coaches, there are an average of about 40 new videos uploaded every month.

After 30 Days

 After your 30 day free trial all you have to do to maintain your free membership is earn $500 in rake each month. Drag the Bar is helpful in thousands of ways for thousands of players. This promotion from Carbon Poker is much different than most other on-site promotions but it is helpful nonetheless.

Carbon Poker, which is part of the Merge Gaming Network is among the minority of sites who have seen positive results from “black Friday’s” indictments. It has been reported by that cash games on the Merge Gaming Network have increased around 36%. It is encouraging to see that in the light of all this anger and disappointment, some people are making the best of a bad situation and flourishing because of it.