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Betfair Poker Live is Coming Soon

December 29th, 2010 by Sarah Stewart

On February 12th, 2011 and on February 13th, 2011 Betfair Poker Live will be in London. Betfair Poker has been running the Betfair Poker LIVE tournament series and this will be the first time that the tour will be making a stop and an appearance in London, England. This Love tournament will be held at the Fox Poker Club which is located in the heart of London’s Soho district.

There will be 2 events, a Main Event, a Turbo Bounty Side Event, and a £37,000 prize pool to play for. On Saturday, February 12th, 2011 the Main Event will begin with a £230 + £20 buy in. The Event is scheduled to run over a two day period. And on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 there will be the Turbo Bounty Side Event with a £30 + £3 buy in. Betfair is going to be showing their members that compete in this tournament how much that they care about them with a special brand of Betfair hospitality that includes goodie bags and free massages.

Get you Seat by Playing in Satellites

If you would like to play in the Betfair Poker Live tournament in London but don’t want to spend that much money on the buy in then Betfair is just about to release a satellite tournament schedule with buy ins that start from as little as $0.55. Keep checking back to Betfair Poker so that you will be one of the first people to know when the satellite schedule of tournaments is released.

Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT)

Another great live tournament that you are going to want to be winning your seat in a satellite at Betfair Poker for is the APAT series. Betfair Poker has been sponsoring the APAT which just concluded its 4th season in 2010. The 2011 season of the Amateur Poker Association & Tour should be even bigger and better than it was in 2010 and it had gotten pretty big and pretty good in 2010.

Choose Your Own Bonus at Betfair Poker

How would you like to choose your own bonus when you sign up as a new player at Betfair Poker. Well Betfair is giving you that option. They have new player sign up bonuses of $50.00, $250.00, $500.00, $1,000.00, and $2,500.00. Each of these deposit bonuses have their own deposit bonus codes. For the $50 one it is WELCOME50, for the $250 one it is WELCOME250, for the $500 one it is WELCOME500, for the $1,000 one it is WELCOME1000, and for the $2,500 one it is WELCOME2500. There are some other terms and conditions of these new deposit bonus offers and they are slightly different for each of them so be certain to check out all of the information on the Betfair Poker web site. Also when you sign up at Betfair Poker you get a free roll entry into the Betfair Poker Welcome Free Roll Tournament. These tournaments are held every Thursday at 20:15 CET.

Betfair Poker’s $10,000.00 Countdown to New Year

December 21st, 2010 by Sarah Stewart

Betfair wants to express it’s appreciation to all of their players for the 2010 year. And the way that they are going to do this is with a special promotion called the $10,000.00 Count Down to New Year. Starting on December 22nd, 2010 and running for the final 10 days of the 2010 year, Betfair Poker is adding $10,000.00 to their New Year’s Count

Down tournament schedule. The tournament schedule looks like this:

Tournament Schedule

Date Time (CET) Tournament Name Buy In Game Type Added Prizes
December 22 21:00 New Year’s Count Down begins $1,000.00 added. $5.50 NLHE $1,000.00
December 23 21:00 One Shopping Day left Super Turbo $11.00 NLHE Top 20 players receive a $54.00 tournament ticket + Normal Prize Pool.
December 24 21:00 Christmas Eve Special $5.50 NLHE Top 45 receive a $22 Tournament Ticket + normal prize pool.
December 25 19:00 Merry Christmas Deepstack Turbo Madness $2.30 NLHE $800.00 added to the normal prize pool.
December 26 21:00 Boxing Day Dollar Brawl $1.20 NLHE Top 100 receive a $11 tournament ticket + normal prize pool.
December 27 21:00 Holy Tilt $3.30 NLHE $500 added to the normal prize pool.
December 28 21:00 Omaholics Special $5.50 PLO $1,000 added to the normal prize pool.
December 29 21:00 Betfair Poker Community Special $1.00 No Fee NLHE $1,000 added + top 10 get a $54 tournament ticket plus normal prize pool.
December 30 21:00 ChampionChip Chip and a chair $5.50 NLHE 5 seats added to the $200k guaranteed ChampionChip.
December 31 15:00 Happy New Year Turbo $1.20 NLHE $1,000 added to the normal prize pool.

85 iPad Give A Way Promotion

Don’t forget about the amazing iPad give a way. The 85 iPad Give a Way Tournament will take place on January 5th, 2011 at 20:00 UKT or 21:00 CET. Only Betfair Poker players will be eligible to participate in this tournament promotion. There are 4 ways to get your tournament entry.

Earn a minimum of 50 Player Points on five consecutive days in December.

Earn a minimum of 250 Player Points during any Saturday in December between 00:01 to 23:59 GMT.

Play a minimum of 10 Sit and Go tournaments with a buy in that is a minimum of $10 + $1 during the month of December 2010.

Play in a minimum of 10 Multi Table tournaments with a buy in that is a minimum of $10 + $1 during the month of December 2010.

You Can Only Win Your Way In To This Tournament

You can not buy in directly to this tournament and you have to gain your entry through one of the 4 qualification methods listed above. Once you have earned your tournament ticket to this event it will be your responsibility to register for it. The 85 iPad Give A Way tournament will be No Limit Hold Em and you will get 3,000 in starting chips. The blinds will increase every 12 minutes. If you finish in one of the top 85 positions in this tournament you will win an Apple iPad and a Betfair Branded carrying case.

Betfair Poker is Ready for the Holidays

December 17th, 2010 by Joshua Scott

The people at Betfair Poker are ready for the Holiday season with a number of big Holiday Promotions. Starting out with the $40,000.00 Christmas Raked Hands Frenzy. This promotion funds from December 11th through December 29th and all you have to do is to play in an table stakes game at Betfair Poker during this promotional period. It doesn’t matter what the limits are because anyone can win this with this promotion.

The players with the most Raked Cash Game Hands in each Leader Board during the promotional period will win. You earn 1 raked hand for every cash game hand in to which you have contributed rake. How much the rake is does not matter at all. At Betfair Poke this means that there has to have been a flop. Betfair poker recommends that you can generate these points much quicker in fixed limit games then you can in no limit or pot limit games.

There are three categories of Leader Boards and they are Gold which is for table stakes of $1/$2 and up. The Silver category is for table stakes that are $0.25/$0.50 to $0.50/$1.00. and the last Leader Board category is the Bronze one which is for Table Stakes of $1.02/$0.04 to $0.15/$0.30. The top 45 players on each leader board will win prizes start in with Entry in to the $27,500 Raked Hands Frenzy Free Roll Tournament. The top 7 players in the gold category, the top 5 players in the Silver category, and the top 3 players in the Bronze category will win this Free roll entry grand prize.

$27,500.00 Raked Hands Frenzy Free Roll

The winner of the $27,500 Raked Hands Frenzy Free Roll tournament will win a $5,000.00 GSOP Seville Final Package plus $3,700.00 in cash and Betfair Poker’s Tracker Software. That is quite a prize.

2nd place will win $3,700 in cash and Betfair’s poker tracker software. 3rd place will win $3,000 and Betfair’s poker tracker software. 4th place will win $2,500.00 plus Betfair’s poker tracker software. 5th place wins $2,000 plus Betfair’s poker tracker software. 6th place wins $1,500 and Betfair’s poker tracker software. 7th place wins $1,250 and Betfair’s poker tracker software. 8th place wins $1,050 and Betfair’s poker tracker software. 9th place wins $950 and Betfair’s poker tracker software and 10th place wins $850 and Betfair’s poker tracker software. The list continues on to awarding prize to the top 15 finishers in the tournament.

GSOP Grand Final Seville Package

The first place finisher will win the GSOP Prize package for the event in Seville. The buy in to the event is $3,300 and it is included in the prize package. The tournament will be held at the Casino Aljarafe in the cultural city of Seville, Spain. It will take place from April 13th to April 16th of 2011. The prize package also includes accommodations t the Hotel Alcora, a welcome party, and some spending money. If you do not think that you can make it to the event, you can exchange the prize for a cash prize of $3,000.00

Betfair Poker Sponsoring The Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT)

December 6th, 2010 by Sarah Stewart

The Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) is Europe’s largest organizer of multi table, deep stack, poker tournaments at very affordable buy ins. APAT is considered a grass roots poker body. We are getting set for season 4 and it should be the best one yet. Thousands of players have already competed in the first 3 seasons of the APAT. This season, Betfair Poker wants their players to have a chance to participate and has come up with some promotions to make it possible. There will be an Amateur Championship, a Professional League (Pot Limit Hold Em £250 buy in, 10,000 chips, 40 minute levels), and Specialist Series (£25 buy in, mixed structures to be advised a month prior to events).
Betfair Poker is not only going to sponsor this tournament series but they are going to have a number of different types of qualifying events at the Betfair Poker site so that you can win an opportunity to participate.

$10,000.00 New Year’s Countdown

Betfair Poker has come up with a great send off to 2010 promotion that will run through the end of December. Every day there will be added cash and ticket prizes. This is Betfair Poker’s way of saying thank you to all of its loyal customers from 2010. So, they are having a special New Year’s Countdown extravaganza. Starting on December 22nd, there will be an added value tournament every single day until New Year’s Eve. That is going to be 9 special added value tournaments, one for each of the final 9 days of the year. All of the details and tournament events and times are listed on the Betfair Poker site.

Live in Kiev

January 17th through January 23rd will be Betfair Poker Live in Kiev. Kiev is in the Ukraine and it is going to be pretty cold there but the tournament is going to be very hot. The Betfair Poker Live tournament will be held at the Kreschatik Poker Club located in the center of Kiev in the Ukraine. The highlight of this event will be the $1,000.00 buy in Main Event that will have a $150,000.00 guaranteed prize pool. Betfair is holding satellite events with $1,700.00 Betfair Poker Live Kiev packages up for grabs. The $1,700.00 prize package will include the $1,000.00 buy in to the main event and $700.00 for lodging and travel expenses. The qualifying tournament schedule is about to be released so keep your eyes open at Betfair Poker for it. There will be satellite buy ins starting from as little as $0.03.

Betfair Poker For All Your Gaming Needs

Betfair Poker is one of the best gaming sites on the internet. The poker room is loaded with all kinds of action and promotions and they also have a full sports book, Casino games, and arcade. If you are not already a member of Betfair Poker, now is a great time because they have a number of First Deposit Matching Bonus promotions.

$20,000 Saturday Magic Hands promotion at Betfair Poker

December 3rd, 2010 by Joshua Scott

Most Bad Beat Jackpots require you to lose with quad 7’s or quad 8’s or better. Betfair’s $20,000 Saturday Magic Hands promotion is a bad beat jackpot that is a lot easier to win. The promotion is effect every Saturday, until the $20,000.00 is paid out, at Betfair Poker. To win the promotional prize you must be holding A? A?, K? K?, or J? J? and you must lose with the hand. The hand must have been played on Saturday between 00:01 and 23:59 GMT and the $20,000.00 prize pool must not have been depleted. The hand must have been played to showdown and the hand must have been played on a Texas Hold Em ring game table because tournaments sit and go tables, and heads up tables are excluded. At least 3 players must have been dealt in to the hand.

How and what you will win with Saturday Magic

Should you meet all of these conditions, and check on the Betfair Site to make certain that you have read them all, and then you will win 50 times the big blind, up to $200.00 on the A? A?. 40 times the big blind, up to $200.00 on the K? K?. And 30 time the big blind, up to $200.00 on the J? J?. If you feel that you have met all of these conditions, then you must send an email to In the email you must claim the prize and include the relevant hand id number, your poker alias, and which of the 3 Magic hands you are claiming in order to be successful.

Don’t forget the Aussie Millions

And remember that at Betfair Poker there are only two more chances to qualify for their Aussie Millions $15,000.00 prize package. You have to win an entry in to one of the two remaining prize events that will be held on December 5th and December 12th at 19:00 UKT – 20:00 CET. There are still satellites to these remaining two prize awarding events and the satellites start from as little as $2.20. Each of the remaining two prize events will be awarding one prize package to the Aussie Millions. The prize package will include the $10,000.00 AUD buy in to the Aussie Millions Main Event that will be held on January 23rd of 2011, a double room at the Crown Metropol from January 20th to January 31st, 2011, $2,500.00 in cash for flight and spending money, 2 Grand Slam tennis tickets, and Betfair branded merchandise pack and hospitality. Should you wish to buy directly into the Aussie Millions, Betfair will be happy to assist you with this. You must email Betfair, if you are interested in buying in directly, at Betfair Poker has one of the finest customer support teams around and one of their highly trained specialists will be pleased to assist you in making all of the necessary arrangements.

If you are not already a member of Betfair Poker, hurry on over the Betfair Poker site and register, unfortunately if you live in the United States, you are not eligible to join.

Betfair Poker 2

November 17th, 2010 by Sarah Stewart

Betfair is one of the Premier Gambling sites on the Internet today. But you have to see the new Betfair Poker that they call Betfair Poker 2. The amount of action is off the charts. The variety of games and limits is all you could ever want. The guaranteed tournaments are sweet. And on top of all of that it is just a cool looking site.

Throughout the entire site the graphics have been enhanced. The user interface has been re-designed and it is really easy to navigate and find the games that you want to play in. The layout of the lobby is cleaner and has some pretty cool advanced filtering options to help you find the right game. The new user interface gives you more information on games and it does this in a very intuitive manner. You will get to the game that you want and you will get there quicker.

Now when you are seated at a table you have the option of choosing an Avatar to represent yourself. You are not stuck with always keeping the same one and can change it when you want or simply switch it off. I personally prefer the guy that is hunched over the table with sunglasses on. If you like to multi-table and who doesn’t like to do that? Well, Betfair Poker 2 has a remarkable feature that makes multi-table playing a whole lot easier. You can now resize your tables any way that you want. It is really easy to resize the tables so that you can view all the action at all the tables at the same time. And if you are doing really well in one of the tournaments, maybe you are at the final table, and then you can resize that table to be larger than the others so that you can give it more emphasis and attention. Sometimes when you are playing on multiple tables it is hard to remember exactly what happened on the previous had at one table. Well at Betfair Poker 2 it is no problem. You do not have to wait for the hand history to be e-mailed to you. You get to see it instantly in a pop up window.

Got a Mac Computer at home? Or maybe you want to buy the new Mac Air Laptop? No problem because the new Betfair 2 Poker site has a downloadable Mac Client. The Mac version is just as cool as the Windows version.

The all new Players Club offers Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond levels. You play gets you cash back, tournament entries, or store points. And what ever level you are at you are still treated as a high roller with 24/7 customer support. The tournaments selection is sick, and I mean that in a good way. Guaranteed tournaments run throughout the week including the Sunday two hundred thousand dollar guaranteed Big Deal Championship.

And a great thing about Betfair Poker is that the site includes a full casino, in case you feel like a little blackjack or craps, and the premier sports betting site on the Internet. I like to watch a game on television when I am playing cards online. At Betfair I can make the game a lot more interesting with a wager on my favorite team.