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Week In Review

April 18th, 2011 by Kyle Silverberg

Cake Poker Sued

Ryan Bennett and Francois Piette who were a key part in the creation of Cake Poker are suing the company, feeling that they were unfairly compensated for their work. The two formed a company called Legacy Entertainment and were the brains behind a project called the Legacy Project. The two men eventually met and discussed with a man named Nicholaus Mellios who is a defendant in the upcoming case. After months of discussion Piette and Bennett unveiled Legacy Project to Mellios and Yummy Interactive was granted 80% ownership of the newly formed company called

 Legacy Entertainment (Bennett and Piette) were granted the remaining 20%. After much hard work and insight into the new project, Mellios eventually kicked the two from his team and ceased conversation. Some dividends were given to the Legacy Entertainment owners but they feel it is not anywhere near enough especially because Cake Poker is still using their original idea. This case is really beginning to look like Piette and Bennett will receive millions of dollars from Cake Poker as compensation.

Government Seizing

Disputably the biggest and most shocking news of the week has been the fact that the US Government has seized the domain names belonging to PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker,, and Absolute Poker. According to the government, the founders of Absolute Poker and Full Tilt are being charged with things infractions such as bank fraud, money laundering, and multiple illegal gambling offenses. Now when you attempt to surf to one of these sites there is a message that appears and informs you of the illegality of online gambling. It also states the penalties for those caught participating in or operating any online gambling entities. These government seizures have left a lot of poker players in the US wondering what their next move is going to be.

Regulated Online Poker in DC

Not everything is bad for online poker in the US this week. For folks in the District of Columbia a bill that was under a period of time where objections could be passed, passed without any objections. Because of that the District of Columbia is the first jurisdiction in the US to offer legally regulated online poker. Of course you can only play online poker within the jurisdiction and at first most places that will offer online services are going to be places like bars and hotels. With time it is expected that the new software that is being provided by Intralot will start a regulated system like no one has ever seen before. With the passing of the bill in DC, it is hoped that other places in the country also will pass similar bills.

Looking Forward

In the week ahead, American poker players have a lot to be looking forward to and a lot to be aprehensive about. With all of the problems surfacing about online poker in the US this week, poker players all over the country are hoping for some better news this week. A lot of sites are changing their domain names and changing the way American players can handle their funds and even play poker on the site. Most sites are simply turning away from the US market as all the trouble is simply not worth it for them. Others may look to fight the government. Expect many more headlines coming from this general arena as well as a few new ongoing promotions to talk about in the week ahead.

Sit And Go Jackpot at

December 19th, 2010 by Sarah Stewart has always been a great place to play poker and it just keeps getting better. For those of you that like to play sit and go tournaments there is a great opportunity at for some added value. has 4 Sit and Go Jackpots and they are all guaranteed to bring a lot of excitement to your game. You still get the normal Sit and Go Tournament pay off that you would get at any other poker site but with the Sit and Go Jackpots at you get a lot more.

Dirty Dozen

The buy in for a Dirty Dozen Sit and Go tournament is $2.00 + $0.40. The Dirty Dozen Sit and Go tournaments are 12 player, 6 handed, 2 table tournaments. They pay out just like a normal Sit and Go tournament would except if you win. However, if you can win 4 consecutive Dirty Dozen Sit and Go tournaments then you will win the jackpot of $2,000.00. Now winning 4 consecutive Sit and Go tournaments is not easy but then again $2,000.00 on an investment of less than $10.00 is pretty remarkable. For the purposes of considering the consecutive nature of these tournaments, uses the starting times. When you win the 4 consecutive Dirty Dozen Sit and Go tournaments you must send an email to the support team to request your Jackpot payout.


The Maui Sit and Go Jackpot tournaments are single table, 10 player tournaments. The buy in is $5.00 + $1.00 and the pay out is just like a normal Sit and Go tournament. The Maui Jackpot is a progressive one with a minimum pay out of $15,000.00. You can go to Maui with that kind of money. To win this Jackpot you need to win 5 consecutive Maui Sit and Go tournaments. Does winning 5 single table Sit and Go tournaments sound challenging? Does a minimum jackpot of $15,000.00 sound worth it for an investment of $30.00? Not only is this pretty magnificent but if you can manage to get 5 consecutive 1st or 2nd place finishes in the Maui Sit and Go tournaments you will win a consolation prize of $200.00. And this is all in addition to the regular Sit and Go tournament pay outs.


The Rio Sit and Go tournaments are 6 player tournaments. The buy in is $20.00 + $3.50. Like the Maui Sit and Go Jackpot, the Rio Jackpot is progressive. The minimum Rio Jackpot pay out is a staggering $30,000.00. You have to win 6 consecutive Rio Sit and Go tournaments to win the Jackpot and if you finish in 1st or 2nd place in 6 consecutive Rio tournaments you will win a consolation prize of $300.00.

Fort Knox

The Fort Knox Sit and Go tournaments are 6 player tournaments. The buy in is $50.00 + $9.00. The Fort Knox Sit and Go Jackpot lives up to its name. It is progressive and starts at $50,000.00 and it goes up $10,000.00 per week for every week that it has not been hit. As of the time this article is being written the Fort Knox jackpot stands at over $200,000.00. You have to win 6 consecutive Fort Knox Sit and Go tournaments to win the jackpot. The consolation prize for finishing 1st or 2nd in six consecutive Fort Knox Sit and Go tournaments is $750.00.

eGaming Awards Top Spot to Bet365

December 1st, 2010 by Joshua Scott is a full service online gaming site with one heck of a poker room. They offer bingo, casino games, sports betting, and poker. They also provide video streaming of various sporting events. The Big Winner won what is probably the most sought after awards in the online gaming industry, the Operator of the Year Award. About eight hundred delegates were present at the Award Ceremony this year. Bet365 is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for sports betting and by the government of Gibraltar for the Bingo, Casino Games, and Poker. There was some pretty tough competition in the competition for the award this year and pulled out the win with Betfair coming in as a close second place. I wonder what they would have put the odds on them winning this award if they had posted the wager in their Sportsbook? Tournament League

There are still two more months of’s $50,000.00 Scheduled Tournament League. Don’t miss your chance to win big in December and January with this promotional event. It started on November 1st, so the first month is already about to conclude, but it ends on January 31st so there are still two more months for you to compete and win in the $50,000.00 Scheduled Tournament League.

Tournament Leaderboard

There is a league leader board and it is based solely on results in Scheduled tournament performance. The more of these tournaments that you play in, the better that your chances will be because they are taking you top 20 results for each month to determine how you are ranked on the leader board. The top five hundred places will be paid out of a monthly price pool worth more than $12,000.00 in cash and tournament tokens.

Prizes For Top 10

The top 10 finishers in the overall leader board for the $50,000.00 Scheduled Tournament League will be entered into a Winner’s Choice Free Roll. At the Winner’s Choice Free Roll tournament they will compete for a $14,000.00 prize package. In the monthly competition the top two hundred finishers on the leader board will receive a cash award with $1,500.00 going to first place. The top five hundred finishers on the monthly leader board will get an entry into a $2,700.00 Free Roll tournament.

Leaderboard Distribution

The method that will be used to calculate the leader board ranking will be based on three factors. First you take the total number of entrants to the tournament that you entered. Then you divide that number by the position that you finished the tournament in. You take this total and multiply it by the buy in multiplier. For tournaments with a buy in of $0.50 to $4.99 the multiplier is 7.5. For tournaments with a buy in of $5.00 to $19.996 the multiplier is 10. For tournaments with a buy in of $20.00 to $99.996 the multiplier is 15, and for tournaments with a buy in of $100.00 or more, the multiplier is 20. So if finish 2nd in a 100 player tournament with a buy in of $5.00, the calculation would be 100 divided by 2 = 50, times 10 for a total score of 500.

New features at Bet365

November 11th, 2010 by Sarah Stewart

Bet365 Poker is now offering a new weekly bonus called Guaranteed Bonus Tuesdays. This is a great promotion if you are going to play poker anyway. There are no deposit or transfer requirements so it is better than a reload bonus. Although they have some of the best reload bonus programs around as well.

You can win up to one thousand dollars every Tuesday just by playing. The bonus is equal to your play results on Tuesday and don’t be concerned because as long as you qualify there is a minimum in Bonus Dollars of $10.00.

Bet365 Poker some fantastic new $35,000 and $25,000 guaranteed prize pool events and a very unique, in the industry, Sit & Go Progressive Jackpot. In addition to the standard winning that go with winning a Sit & Go, you can win the progressive jackpot by winning four to six consecutive events. If this sounds like a big order there is also a program that allows you to win a consolation prize for finishing either first or second in four to six of these events. There is plenty of action on the Bet365 site so there will be no problem finding these Sit & Go games to compete in for the jackpot.

The Bet365 Company is located in the United Kingdom. They also offer an amazingly complete package of casino gaming that includes a really good sports book. In addition to the normal kind of betting opportunities that you would find in another sports book, they have some pretty interesting wagering possibilities. There are wagering opportunities that involve International Stock Market and Currency performance.

With the new tournaments, bonus programs, and jackpot features added to a smoothly run site, Bet365 is a place where you are really going to love to play.